Medical Insurance Related Services

Help in selecting the right Medical Insurance policy and get hassle free claim when the need arises

Common concerns
  • Help in understanding the features / benefits mentioned in the policy brochure.
  • How to ensure that claim is not denied.
How we resolve

We can explain the policy features to you clearly to help you take an informed decision.  Also, we can explain the common reasons that claims are rejected and how to ensure that claim is not denied.


What our clients say

Words can’t do the justice to the kind of service Deepam marketing has provided to clear all my insurance claim with a nominal fees. They are honest, trustworthy and reliable. Even I myself couldn’t have put so much of effort to clear these claims. Thank you Deepam marketing for your outstanding job and keep up the good work.
Tariq Khan
Twice I needed services for approval of medical expenses incurred for dependants and representatives of Deepam Marketing ENT have provided solid support. I am thankful for their customer service in the time I needed most. My best wishes to team Deepam
Syed Rizwan Ashraf
HR Consultant

How do we get started

  • Free of cost review of the features & coverage of your existing policies.
  • Suggestions of a policy or combination of policies for better coverage at a lower cost, if possible.
  • Assistance & Guidance in the event of any claim.
  • Preparation of documents for filing of reimbursement of pre & post hospitalisation claims.
  • The claim related services are at No cost if the policy has been taken through us.
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What not to expect

  • We will not allow you to apply for a new policy through us by hiding any facts regarding the past or present medical conditions.
  • The insurance companies reserve the right to refuse an application. We will not guarantee issuance of a policy.
  • We will not assist in filing of a claim if we feel that the claim is not genuine. 


The most common reason for claim rejections is that full disclosure about medical condition / past medical history was not disclosed at the time of applying for the policy. It is of utmost importance that nothing is kept hidden while applying for a medical insurance policy.

The other reasons may be Exclusion Clause or Waiting Period Clause.

There are 2 main reasons to buy a Medical Insurance policy when one is in good health. First, after developing certain illness or disease, the insurance company may reject your application or issue the policy at a higher premium (Loading)

Second, good health does not rule out prolonged & costly hospitalisation in case of an accident or viral infections.

In general, a combination of a small policy of say Rs. 5 lakhs and a Top Up Plan which starts from 5 Lakhs, is cheaper as compared to a single policy of a large amount.

Also, review the features of the basic plan & the Top Up plan carefully to avoid any negative surprises during a claim

A Medical Insurance policy covers the cost of hospitalisation for more than 24 hrs. (and some specified Day Care procedures) where as, a Personal Accident policy covers treatment cost incurred due to an accident. The Personal Accident policy also pays a lumpsum amount on Disability resulting from the accident. If the insured person is unable to attend to work due to the accident, he can claim compensation for loss of income.

Normally, a Medical Insurance Policy in combination with a low-cost Personal Accident policy is a good combination.

A Critical Illness policy will pay a lumpsum amount on the diagnosis of specified Critical illness like Cancer, Heart Disease, etc. The lumpsum amount may or may not be used for treatment purposes. Where as, a Medical Insurance policy will cover the cost of treatment & hospitalisation.

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