Finance Videos

Finance Videos to help you recover amounts locked in old share certificates or to understand Investments & Health Insurance concepts.

Investment Services

Focus on your goals rather than paying attention to noises outside

Delays can prove to be costly when it comes to planning your investments

Understand & manage Risks to get good returns on your investments

Why starting early is the most important action one can take for Wealth Creation

The right mindset to develop for equity investments

Why periodic Portfolio rebalancing and Asset Allocation are the right strategies

What can you learn about equity investments from one of the greatest batsman

How to think about your SIPs when market has crashed

Medical Insurance Related Services

This video demonstrates the need for adequate Medical Insurance

How Personal Accident policy benefits when one is temporarily unable to work

Services for Old Investments

Learn how to get your KYC details & Contact details updated for your Physical Share Certificates so that you do not miss any dividends

Learn how to register your new address & contact details in the Physical Share Certificates.

If the original share certificates are lost or misplaced, this video shows how to apply for duplicate share certificates.

If one of the holders in the shares has expired, how to get the name deleted

How to apply for Transmission of shares when all the holders of the shares have expired

What to do when all the shareholders have expired and even the original share certificates are lost / misplaced

Seven steps for recovery of unclaimed dividends and shares transferred to Investor Education & Protection Fund (IEPF)